The Templar Knight


The head of a crusader is stolen in Ireland

Who on earth would steal the head of a crusader – dead for many centuries? A disrespectful idiot is who! Let me tell you the story… Back in 1976, aged 12, I was taken to see the mummified body of…

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Why were bodies defleshed in the Crusades?

Templar expert Tony McMahon investigates the defleshing of bodies in the Crusades – a process called excarnation

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Skeleton of a Cistercian abbot discovered in England

Archaeologists have just discovered the skeleton of a Cistercian abbot from the Middle Ages! The Templars have been described as the military wing of the Cistercians – they were after all mentored and guided in the early years by that…

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How the plague ravaged medieval London

The Coronavirus has hit London hard but for centuries plague has stalked this city and the victims are buried right under your feet

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