The Templar Knight


A Pope on trial – short story!

A book club I know just started a competition asking members to write a story called ‘Theological Downfall’. Well, I couldn’t resist. 500 word limit and so I concocted something in two hours based around a real event in the…

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Quest for the True Cross – medieval war!

Quest for the True Cross lets you experience medieval war at close range on a Knight Templar crusade in the 12th century at a bloody siege

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Caperneum – more pics from the hometown of Jesus!

It’s spelt Capharnaum by the authorities in Israel but I always grew up knowing it as Caperneum – choose which you prefer!  But the ruins of the town where Jesus grew up is now preserved behind a wall and includes…

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Medieval Cluedo: Who murdered the Knights Templar?

Who murdered the Knights Templar and what was the motive? Tony McMahon plays a medieval game of Cluedo to find the answers to this mystery

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