Buried on History investigates Templar treasure in Portugal

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Many of you may have seen me on the History channel documentary series Buried looking at Templar sites in Portugal. The series investigates the trail of the Holy Grail and other treasures from Jerusalem to, possibly, the New World.

Buried – History series investigates the Knights Templar

On 17 July 2018, UK viewers finally got to watch Knightfall – the History channel’s multi-million dollar drama series about the Knights Templar and their quest for the Holy Grail. A thrilling adventure set in medieval France partly based on fact but lots of fun story telling thrown in as well.

But even more exciting – on the 24 July, History starts to air an accompanying documentary series called Buried where two intrepid history experts will follow the trail of Templar treasure from the Holy Land to Portugal and possibly the New World – for which read, the United States.

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Templar caves in Tomar, Portugal

In the third episode of Buried, I appear in Portugal investigating some mysterious caves in the Templar citadel of Tomar. This was great fun to film last summer and swelling with pride to finally see it hit the TV screens in the UK. Make sure you tune in because it’s well worth the watch!

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