The Knights Templar, Atlantis and the Nazis

The Knights Templar have been re-invented in every century. In the 20th century, the Nazis imagined them as Aryan warriors. Not just that, but cosmic beings who existed outside of human evolution and were descended from the inhabitants of Atlantis.

Aryans, Atlantis and the Nazis

This all seems pretty crazy to us now. But there’s been increasing interest in recent years in the intersection between the Nazis and the occult. It’s not as surprising as one might think. Nazism was a fundamentally irrational ideology. And central to its beliefs was that Aryans – blonde and blue eyed – were the master race. Therefore, Hitler needed to find a narrative to back up this assertion.

So, from early on in their political development, Hitler and Himmler even more so, immersed themselves in fringe beliefs. Now, we often think of the counter-culture as something that originated in the 1960s. But the late Victorian and Edwardian era saw a boom in mysticism, esoteric belief and completely cranky conspiracy theories. And it wasn’t necessarily progressive – some of the ideas were completely racist and supremacist.

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Bad science from the Nazis on Atlantis and ‘divine sperma’

Take for example Hans Hörbiger (pictured below) who had a nutty theory about the cosmos being made of ice. I’m sure you can find a copy of his book Glacial Cosmogony online if you want to delve into all the specifics. Where it’s relevant to this blog is his belief that Aryans were not descended from apes but originated from ‘divine sperma’ brought to earth by ice meteors.

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Their descendants populated Atlantis, which was destroyed by icy meteors and moons that constantly crash into planet Earth and are absorbed. Jesus Christ was descended from the Atlanteans, as were the Knights Templar and the Cathar heretics who rebelled against the Catholic church in the Middle Ages.

Because the Templars were viewed as being cosmic Aryan superhumans, Himmler devoted considerable resources to finding their fabled treasure. Nazi booty seekers apparently scoured sites like Rennes-le-Chateau and Tomar in Portugal in a frantic and fruitless search for mythical riches.

This insane activity led to the employment by the Nazis of thousands of astrologers, Tarot card readers, water dowsers, etc. The British apparently exploited this promotion of the occult in Germany by dropping leaflets with dire astrological forecasts for the Nazi war effort.

More seriously, promoting the views of people like Hörbiger was done at the expense of teaching Darwin’s theory of evolution and Einstein’s theory of relativity. Replacing decent science with duff science undermined Germany’s intellectual strength. Aryans, Atlantis and the Templars proved to be a destructive combination for the Nazis.