Knights Templar purged by Stalin in Soviet Russia


The Knights Templar had many enemies – popes and kings – but one of the most unusual adversaries of the knights was the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Paranoid and distrustful of any organisations he couldn’t control, it seems he might have had an issue with the Templars!

Stalin versus the Knights Templar

A recent Russian documentary detailed Stalin’s attempt to liquidate some Templars over 80 years ago. The Moscow News website reported that ‘Kultura’ – the Russian equivalent of PBS – broadcast a round table discussion about a Templar organisation that was terminated by Stalin in 1930 in the era of the great purges.

The Knights Templar in Soviet Russia‘ recalled how seventeen of the leading Templars were arrested in that year by the OGPU-NKVD, the predecessor of the KGB.

Anybody arrested by Stalin’s secret police could expect horrific treatment and one wonders what happened to these poor individuals.

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Real Knights Templar spook Stalin

The programme stated that this was not a fantasy counter-revolutionary organisation dreamt up by the secret police but something a lot more real – or as Moscow News put it, more Umberto Eco than Dan Brown.

I suspect it was more Franz Kafka than either Brown or Eco. It certainly shows the boundless paranoia that Stalin experienced when he imagined that even the Knights Templar were out to get him!

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