The Templar Knight


Knights Templar – A Secret History: Graeme Davis interview

Graeme Davis discusses his book: Knights Templar A Secret History with Tony McMahon

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The Knights Templar – guilty or innocent?

So – were the Knights Templar guilty or innocent? Since their downfall, opinions on the guilt of the Knights Templar have been bitterly divided. Right down to our own time, experts have quarrelled over whether the charges against the Order…

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Knights Templar medieval video games

The Knights Templar have been a huge influence on medieval video games sometimes as the good guys but very often as the villains

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Medieval stories – from book to TV and video game!

The medieval era has provided constant compelling content for the book, movie, TV and video game industry as Tony McMahon discovers

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Who is Jacques de Molay in Assassins Creed?

Jacques de Molay is a character in Assassins Creed but he existed in real life so Tony McMahon sets out to compare the video game and reality

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Stalin – friend or foe of the Knights Templar?

The Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin has been depicted as both a friend and an enemy of the Knights Templar so what is the truth? Tony McMahon investigates.

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