Stalin – friend or foe of the Knights Templar?

Joseph Stalin was dictator of the Soviet Union. According to the Russian equivalent of the PBS channel, Stalin terminated the Knights Templar in one of his notorious purges. But in Assassins Creed – Stalin was an ally of the Templars against the Assassins. They can’t both be right!

The Russian TV view of Stalin and the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar had many enemies – popes and kings – but one of the most unusual adversaries of the knights was apparently the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Paranoid and distrustful of any organisations he couldn’t control, it seems he might have had an issue with the Templars. Or at least – a bunch of Russians who called themselves Knights Templar.

A Russian documentary several years ago detailed Stalin’s attempt to liquidate a group of latter day Templars over 80 years ago. The Moscow News website reported that ‘Kultura’ – the Russian equivalent of PBS – broadcast a round table discussion about a Templar organisation that was terminated by Stalin in 1930 in the era of the great purges.

The Knights Templar in Soviet Russia‘ recalled how seventeen of the leading Templars were arrested in that year by the OGPU-NKVD, the predecessor of the KGB. Anybody arrested by Stalin’s secret police could expect horrific treatment and one wonders what happened to these poor individuals.

The programme stated that this was not a fantasy counter-revolutionary organisation dreamt up by the secret police but something a lot more real – or as Moscow News put it, more Umberto Eco than Dan Brown. However, I suspect it was more Franz Kafka than either Brown or Eco. It certainly shows the boundless paranoia that Stalin experienced when he imagined that even the Knights Templar were out to get him!

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Assassins Creed has Stalin on the side of the Knights Templar

So – in the world of Assassins Creed, there is the Russian Rite of the Templar Order with its own Grand Master. It has existed from the Romanov imperial era in Russia through to the Soviet Union – and I assume beyond. Ivan the Terrible – a bloodthirsty tsar – was obviously a Templar thankfully bumped off by Assassins in 1581.

Fast forward to the 19th century and the tsars are firmly Templar allies. The Assassins become anarchist “Narodniks” and attempt to kill Tsar Alexander III. However, the last Tsar – Nicholas II – is not a Templar. His court is infiltrated though by a Templar called…..Rasputin! And this mad, wily priest replaces the magical Staff of Eden – source of imperial power – with a fake.

Rasputin is later murdered by the Assassins. But not before the Staff of Eden causes The Tunguska Explosion, a still unexplained event that devastated a large area in the Russian forests. Not long after, the Russian Revolution overthrows the Tsars and Lenin – an Assassin ally – takes power with the Bolsheviks. But when he died, his successor Stalin is a secret Templar.

Stalin sends a scientist and party functionary Yuri Petrovich Figatner into the Academy of Sciences to subvert its work to Templar goals. Scientists loyal to the Assassins are either killed or sent into hiding. Templars, at the behest of Abstergo Industries, encourage Stalin to take Russia into World War Two. The idea being to create the chaos Abstergo needs to control the working population.

Stalin is later killed by the Assassins using poison to make it look like he had a stroke. And yes, I know this is all fiction. But you’d be surprised how much Assassins Creed fan material makes its way on to history pages and that font of all knowledge, Wikipedia!

Stalin likens the Bolsheviks to the Knights Templar

The historian Simon Sebag Montefiore quotes Stalin in his book Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar telling the secret police chief Lavrentiy Beria – a vile figure in Soviet history – that the Bolsheviks were “a sort of military religious order”. When the founder of the Cheka – the first Soviet secret police – Felix Dzerzhinsky died in 1926, Stalin eulogised that he was “a devout knight of the proletariat”.

So, Stalin’s language about the Bolsheviks was peppered with Templar phraseology. This isn’t perhaps entirely surprising as Stalin, like many Russians, would have learned about the medieval battles with the Teutonic Knights. That order was depicted in one Soviet movie as an analogy for the Nazis – as they threatened to invade the Soviet Union. Look up my blog post on that.

So – was Stalin a friend or foe of the Knights Templar? For whatever reason, Assassins Creed places him firmly as a friend. But there’s some evidence from real life action that he was certainly a foe of an organisation calling itself Templar.

There’s a possible parallel here with Hitler. The Nazi dictator was depicted as a Teutonic knight on one poster. He liked to invoke the idea of his thugs being medieval holy warriors. After all, his favourite composer Wagner had written an opera based on the Arthurian legend – Parzival. But…at the same time – Hitler closed down the official Teutonic Knights organisation. Because what the Nazis didn’t control – they couldn’t tolerate.

Maybe that was the same with Stalin – Templar ideals were one thing. But any organisation the state didn’t control calling itself Templar would soon come under secret police scrutiny.

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