The Templar Knight


Castles with hidden Templar treasure

templar castle treasure

Tony McMahon investigates some Templar castles where the knights’ treasure may indeed be buried such as Tomar and Montsegur

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Laser scans reveal Templar secrets under the city of Acre

A team from National Geographic led by Dr Albert Lin has uncovered a series of tunnels under the modern Israeli city of Akko – known as Acre 800 years ago – that were built by the Knights Templar. MUST WATCH:…

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My visit to Notre Dame before the fire

It still makes me feel sick. I got to visit Notre Dame cathedral twice in early 2019 just days before fire ripped through this medieval gem. Anybody who walked through that vast nave will know what a catastrophe this must…

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Constantinople – glorious Byzantine capital!

A visit to Istanbul – once called Constantinople and capital of the Byzantine Empire

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Mogadouro – a Templar stronghold in northern Portugal

A visit to the Templar castle in Mogadouro in north east Portugal

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Reusing Roman buildings during the Templar period

Medieval walls were often built on top of earlier Roman fortifications as can be seen in York

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The lost castles of London – buried under the city’s streets

The lost castles of London – buried under the city’s streets including Baynards castle and Montfichet Tower

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London riots – medieval style!

London has been having riots for centuries whether it was over the 14th century poll tax or a hatred of a particular queen – it’s always been a rough city

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London Beefeater loses the plot – or not

Knights Templar in London would have known and seen the Tower of London – a fortress built by the Normans in the 11th century after they had invaded England. It’s still there today but now surrounded by skyscrapers and modern…

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