The Templar Knight


Mogadouro – a Templar stronghold in northern Portugal

A visit to the Templar castle in Mogadouro in north east Portugal

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From a Roman to a medieval tower

In the Middle Ages, the ruins of old Roman forts were often built on top of to create medieval castles. One great example of this is the so-called Multangular Tower in York, constructed when the city was called Eboracum by…

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Lost castles of London

Baynard’s Castle.  Montfichet Tower.  Savoy Palace.  Even to most Londoners, the names of these buildings would mean little today.  Ask a citizen of this great city, how many castles there are within London, they’d more than likely point at the…

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London riots – in the Middle Ages

London is ablaze with rioting at the current time from Tottenham to Brixton.  I live in south London so I’m very engaged with what’s happening.  But when I read people on Twitter talking about London riots as if this is…

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London Beefeater loses the plot – or not

I work not far from the magnificent Tower of London – where the keep, built in the eleventh century by William the Conqueror, seems a lot smaller against the increasing number of skyscrapers but still holds its own. This Beefeater,…

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