The Templar Knight


Templars accused of pollution and dumping

The Knights Templar were accused of pollution and dumping in 1306 by the Earl of Lincoln as Tony McMahon discovers

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The Pope who made a blood curdling speech

  Meet Pope Urban II. In 1095, His Holiness resolved to launch a new kind of war against forces in the Middle East he believed threatened Christianity. The Byzantine emperor had sent him a desperate letter warning that unless action…

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Lisbon conquered in the Crusades!

This is an astonishing story from the Middle Ages of how a vast crusader army on the way to the Holy Land was convinced to divert to Portugal and help a small Christian kingdom take a city called Al-Usbuna from…

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A Pope calls for a Crusade against Islam

The year was 1095.  In the east, the Greek speaking Byzantine empire – inheritors of what had been left of the eastern Roman empire – had experienced a huge loss of territory to the Seljuk Turks. These nomads had swept…

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