The Templar Knight


English Kings whose bodies have disappeared!

The bodies of many famous Kings of England have disappeared over the centuries and never been found again

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Queen Elizabeth of The Crown – Diamond Jubilee!

Elizabeth II has held the crown of England longer than any other monarch as well being the main character in the Netflix drama – The Crown

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Westminster Abbey – visited today

If you’re a Londoner – which I am – you can walk past Westminster Abbey a hundred times barely registering it. But today, I thought I would. If for no other reason than to share some images but also a…

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Why did England expel the Jews in the Middle Ages?

It’s not the most pleasant episode in English medieval history to look back on but it happened during the Templar period and we can’t ignore it. I’m writing about the expulsion of the Jews from England. Fortunately, we have an…

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Funeral effigies – how the dead appeared at their own burial

Wooden figures of the dead were often placed next to tombs – life like images of the deceased

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