Top ten medieval battles in the movies!

MOVIE MEDIEVAL BATTLE: The first is the Battle of Montgisard in 1177 where the leper king of Jerusalem Baldwin IV managed to defeat a superior Saracen force. Here’s how the movie Arn portrayed it. An incredible crusader victory!

MOVIE MEDIEVAL BATTLE: Ten years later and Saladin turned the tables on the crusaders defeating them at the Horns of Hattin – depicted in the movie Kingdom of Heaven. A miserable crusader defeat!

MOVIE MEDIEVAL BATTLE: This is a mythical medieval battle from Game of Thrones but really brings the sights and smells plus unmitigated horror of conflict to your screen. The Battle of the Bastards!

MOVIE MEDIEVAL BATTLE: Scotland and England were forever at war with each other in the Middle Ages and some believe the Knights Templar helped the Scots at the Battle of Bannockburn. Here’s Mel Gibson and a lot of men in kilts killing the English.

MOVIE MEDIEVAL BATTLE: The 13th Warrior is about a Muslim young man forced to live among the Vikings in the Dark Ages. This movie has its fans and detractors in equal measure. I loved it. It’s trashy and confused but I come back to it again and again.

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MOVIE MEDIEVAL BATTLE: More Vikings – why not? This time from the History Channel.

This takes us 100 years after the Templars were suppressed to the life of Joan of Arc leading her French army to defeat at the hands of the English. She would later be burnt at the stake.

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Before Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings was giving us a mythical take on the Middle Ages.

MOVIE MEDIEVAL BATTLE: Maleficent – another fantasy set in an imaginary medieval kind of landscape. Didn’t happen of course but the battle scene is interesting nevertheless.

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And finally – a battle that really happened between the Russians and the Teutonic Knights – on ice! This is an old black and white movie but a fantastic music score, amazing atmosphere and released shortly before the Russians went to war for real with Nazi Germany.  So just imagine how terrified audiences in Moscow felt.

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