You could own a Templar commanderie

ancient armor black and white chivalry

I was contacted today by a real estate agent asking if any of you would be interested in buying a genuine 12th century Templar commanderie in France – the idyllic Dordogne to be exact.

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Must admit I don’t have the cash to spare myself but just in case any of you are in the market for piece of Templar history – click HERE to find out more.  And here’s a picture of the property!

Templar commanderie

10 thoughts on “You could own a Templar commanderie

  1. My wife is a decsendant of William De Ferrers and Fulk V Count of Anjou , so I have made sure she does not see this, have enough trouble with the living relatives and I dont have time to learn French, however a part of me would love it, who wouldnt.

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