Forbidden History – Jamie Theakston talking Templar!

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From mid-June, Jamie Theakston will be presenting the fourth series of Forbidden History on UKTV’s Yesterday Channel and on Discovery AHC in the autumn. The fourth programme in this series will be The Dark Truths of the Templars and yours truly will be appearing as a contributor.

Jamie and the team landed in my study a few months back and we discussed all things Templar for a couple of hours. Together with producer Bruce Burgess, they wanted to dig into Templar initiation rituals and the possibility that the knights hid vast amounts of treasure. All of which added up to an hour of compelling viewing on Forbidden History a few months later.

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Issues we covered on Forbidden History included:

  • How did an order of monastic knights pledged to vow of poverty become so hugely rich?
  • What could have been the real reasons for the formation of the Knights Templar in 1118?
  • The connections between the order’s founders and some very wealth and influential people
  • Why did the Templars base themselves on the Temple mount in Jerusalem and what were they doing there?
  • The salacious charges brought against the Knights Templar during their trial
  • Did the secular powers, kings and pope, manage to seize all their treasure or did they escape with some of it?
  • What do we make of persistent accusations that the Templars were influenced in their rites by pre-Christian and non-Christian ideas?

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Do feed back to me what you think. There will be other TV appearances later in the year and I’ll keep you posted. Make sure all your Templar fans and friends are watching!

6 thoughts on “Forbidden History – Jamie Theakston talking Templar!

  1. Hi Tony & the team ! Thank you so very much for this world of information that you just sent ! I am enjoying this immensely & am reading it oh so carefully & intently , as you know that i have a very personal interest in the Templars, because of my famiiy ancestry of the Kings & Templars & even still now today are engaged ! I am on pins & needles awaiting the first season of the T.V. series “Knightfall” I have watched both the Trailers & love them ! If possible, i would like to request that the series could air here in America on a weekend in early evening hours ,so that i can watch it all, as i get up for work early! I would love to be invited with my family to the first private debut showing of the series , but in particular the one that may include my personal input to the series , for my childrens sake ! Thank you & all your team so very much! God Bless you all ! Look forward to meeting you all some day! ” Strong in Faith and War ! ” ” For God Truth & Country ! ” Deborah O’Carroll Huntsinger (Royal Blood)

    1. Hi Deborah – Apologies for the very late reply but thanks for your praise and support. I’m afraid I don’t have any say over who goes to the Knightfall debut. But I share your excitement over the debut. Best, Tony

  2. ..Verry cool..!!! If we can get this here in Arizona, and/or via the Net, I will definitely be interested..!! Well done !! ~Peace, Rho

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