Exodus of the Templars – America Unearthed

America Unearthed: Exodus of the Templars (Travel Channel)

Look out for me appearing with the intrepid Scott Wolter in an episode of America Unearthed – broadcasting on the Travel Channel. Scott follows clues from Newfoundland that point to the possibility of Templars traveling from the Old World to America. The episode is titled Exodus of the Templars.

This is part of a new series of documentaries by Scott and the team. I’ve just watched the episode on Jack the Ripper, which was great fun. Scott’s theory is that the famous author Arthur Conan Doyle – who created the detective Sherlock Holmes – was the Ripper. I’d previously heard another theory that he’d reported the true identity of the Ripper but had been ignored by the police. So – this is certainly a new twist on the tale!

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We filmed in Scotland back in January 2018 and finally, I’m able to see Scott and the series here in the United Kingdom. These programmes often take a while to cross the pond. One of the most exciting bits of filming on that wintry weekend was in some treacherous caves looking at very revealing markings on the walls. Scott brought his geological knowledge into the dark interior of that subterranean world.

And we got to film at the amazing Rosslyn chapel, which you’ll all remember from The Da Vinci Code of course. Scott examined a very odd medieval carving in the sacristy below the church. At first sight it looks like an electricity pylon with a star attached. But it’s been conjectured that these are navigational lines pointing towards America.

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So set your record buttons for Exodus of the Templars – an episode of America Unearthed – presented by Scott Wolter on the Travel Channel.

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