The Enduring Mystery of the Holy Grail

Holy Grail Templar

Join me on Episode 4 of Templar Knight TV to investigate the Enduring Mystery of the Holy Grail. What exactly was this sacred object – a cup, a stone from Lucifer’s crown or the bloodline of Jesus Christ? I take a good look at the competing theories.

Those of you who watched the drama series Knightfall, will be familiar with the Templar Grail quest. Some scoff at the idea saying there’s no evidence the knights were after the cup that held the blood of Jesus after his crucifixion. Others claim the Templars were specifically created to find and protect the Grail – but that it was not a cup, but the bloodline of Jesus.

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While others still adhere to the notion that the Grail was a stone that once sat in the crown worn by Lucifer. And when he was cast out of heaven with his friends for rebelling against God, it popped out and landed on Earth. The stone was revered by the Cathar heretics and was said to give eternal life.

Also – it was claimed that the Knights Templar worshipped heads in their secret rituals. During the trials of Templar knights after their arrest in the year 1307, many confessed to having venerated a “head” – a head of what exactly?

So in the second part of Templar Knight TV, I look over the statements made by these knights. I’m particularly fascinated by the ghoulish story that the head in question was the mouldering remains of the first Templar grand master Hugh de Payens.

Join me then on Templar Knight TV and let’s go Holy Grail hunting!

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