The Templar Knight


Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller – what’s the difference?

Templar Hospitaller

TV Historian Tony McMahon examines the differences between the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller and other medieval orders

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The Enduring Mystery of the Holy Grail

Holy Grail Templar

Templar Knight TV episode 4 presented by Tony McMahon looks at the claims that the Knights Templar were on a quest to find the Holy Grail during the Crusades

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Mogadouro – a Templar stronghold in northern Portugal

A visit to the Templar castle in Mogadouro in north east Portugal

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Tribute to the Knights Templar!

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Life sized stations of the cross in Portugal

Bom Jesus do Monte in the cathedral city of Braga in Portugal is a fascinating place. A hill surmounted by an eighteenth century cathedral with stairs that zigzag all the way to the top and stations of the cross chapels…

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Roman helmets found at Knights Templar lair

A bizarre turn in the story of the gang in Mexico which unfortunately called itself the Knights Templar – or Caballeros Templarios.  Mexican police have just raided one of their safehouses and discovered one hundred and twenty Roman helmets –…

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The dreamy Templar castle of Almourol

Here’s something for the new year – promise yourself a visit to this very dreamy Templar castle near Lisbon in Portugal.  I think this video conveys the mystery and magic of the place.

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Templars versus Moors – excellent re-enactment in Portugal

Every year in Santa Maria da Feira in Portugal there is a huge Templar festival called the Viagem Medieval

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Tomar – Templar jewel in Portugal

Tomar is a Templar jewel in Portugal with an incredible church and castle

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