Me and William Shatner on the UnXplained

This week, I’ll be appearing on William Shatner’s The UnXplained to talk about the Ark of the Covenant. And in future episodes in this series, I’ll be appearing on your screens to discuss other Templar related topics. For those of you who haven’t caught the series on the History channel, it tackles stories that have mystified humanity for centuries.

You’ll see me alongside other experts Dr Michael Tuttle and Dr Karen Bellinger. And as ever, our host Mr Shatner will boldly go where no TV documentary presenter has been before. He’s prepared to entertain all the usual theories around the Templars, mythical monsters, tales of ghosts, demons and UFOs. But this is always counterbalanced with the views of scientists and experts.

DISCOVER: Ark of the Covenant and the Knights Templar

William, basically, wants to be convinced. And from working with the team on The UnXplained, I can tell you that they demand a high level of research rigour before the cameras roll. I’d love to give all the juicy details away now but you’ll have to watch the new series of The UnXplained and I assure you it will not disappoint.

William Shatner beyond the stars!

You may have seen recently that 90-year-old William Shatner blasted into space on Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin. As somebody who grew up with astronauts and cosmonauts venturing into space in the 1960s and 1970s, I can’t deny being excited at this new enthusiasm and investment into space travel.

Of course, the cost is questioned. As it was in the 1970s for the Apollo missions. There’s nothing new there other than the fact that space travel now seems to be in the hands of private sector billionaires as opposed to the government. And we’re no longer in a race against the USSR because it doesn’t exist anymore.

I have to applaud the personal courage of William at his age being prepared to strike out into the galaxy. Of course it’s in his TV DNA as the man who captained the U.S.S. Enterprise in the first ever series of Star Trek. So, see the great man himself on The UnXplained and enjoy some top-class mystery solving!

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