The Templar Knight


Sintra – location of a secret Templar well

In the wooded landscape of Sintra in Portugal is an alleged Templar well used for initiation ceremonies as Tony McMahon discovers

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The Templars and Islam – friends or enemies?

When the Knights Templar were put on trial – they were accused of being too close to the Saracens. It was inferred that they were essentially in league with Islam. Though this may seem crazy, there is evidence that the…

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Five juicy facts about the Knights Templar!

Five facts about the Knights Templar that you may never have known from Templar expert Tony McMahon

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Trip to Israel – more on historical Jaffa

Jaffa is now part of what is called Tel Aviv-Yafo in modern day Israel. A city with a long and historic past, it changed hands in ancient times between ancient Egyptians, conquering Greeks and of course the Romans. From the…

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Saladin the merciful – think again!

The truth about Saladin the merciful and his war against the Crusaders and Knights Templar

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The Islamic history and influence in Europe

The Islamic influence in Europe is nothing new and you can see amazing Muslim buildings in countries like Spain and Portugal built centuries ago

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