The Templar Knight


Templar armour explained – horse coverings

Templars needed to cut a dash on the battlefield. First into battle and last out – they had to be recognisable and pushing that all important Templar brand. One way to achieve this was through the covering of their horse…

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Templar armour explained – cloaks

The Knights Templar had one of the most recognisable brands in the Middle Ages. Who didn’t know those white mantles with red crosses and what they represented? There were strict rules about how a Templar presented himself on the battlefield…

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Templar armour explained – head gear

What did a Templar wear on his head when going into battle? The fact is that the helmet worn by the knights changed over the centuries starting as something more Norman in character and ending up with the big sugar-loaf…

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Knight roasted to death in his armour

Pity Sir Edmund Springhouse who was roasted in his own armour while fighting the French – a typical horror of medieval warfare

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