The Templar Knight


Medieval divide between Muslims and Christians

The boundary between the medieval Muslim and Christian worlds was very fluid and certain individuals had no difficulty moving from one world to the other

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Muslim Spain in the Middle Ages

In the year 711, only decades after the death of the prophet Mohammed, the Iberian peninsula was invaded right up to the Pyrenees and beyond. In fact, the Muslim army got as far as the city of Tours in France…

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Santiago de Compostela – burial place of Saint James the Apostle

How on earth can a town in Spain claim to have the body of one of the apostles of Jesus Christ? But that’s exactly the assertion made by Santiago de Compostela. For over a thousand years, its cathedral has boasted…

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Abu al-Quasim – the father of modern surgery

Abu al-Qasim was the father of modern surgery and a great example of a thinker from the era of the medieval Muslim caliphate in Spain

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The Islamic history and influence in Europe

The Islamic influence in Europe is nothing new and you can see amazing Muslim buildings in countries like Spain and Portugal built centuries ago

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