The Templar Knight


Did women fight in the Crusades?

It’s a subject that has vexed historians and history buffs – did women fight in the crusades? There are strong claims that they did. But what role did they actually play? Saracen claim of women on crusade The Saracen chronicler…

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The real Arn – Swedish knight templar

Who was the real Arn Magnusson – the Swedish Templar? The Templar Knight blog looks at this movie in more depth

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Season of the Witch – Nicholas Cage and the Templars

Season of the Witch – a Templar movie with Nicholas Cage that isn’t quite as bad as you may think

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Horrible things that happened in medieval sieges!

Some of the brutality and horror that used to occur during medieval sieges to intimidate the enemy

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Friday 13th – unlucky to be a Templar

Is there any truth that the Templars were arrested on Friday the 13th and that is why the day is deemed to be unlucky? Friday the 13th and the Templars Well, the story has it that on this day –…

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