The Templar Knight


Good Friday – my visit to the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

In 2012, I was in Jerusalem and visited the Holy Sepulchre – this is the spot revered by all Christian faiths as the place where Jesus was crucified. This church – which dates back to the Roman period though little…

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Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem – sacred to the Templars!

The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was the most sacred church to the Knights Templar. They built churches across Christendom that resembled its circular shape. From London to Segovia to Tomar and the Middle East, you can find Templar places of…

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Maundy Thursday – the day of the Last Supper

As regular visitors to this blog know – last week I visited the site of the Last Supper in Jerusalem. Today is the very day that Jesus is believed to have eaten that meal with his disciples in advance of…

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The link between the Three Wise Men and the Knights Templar

The link between the Knights Templar and the Three Wise Men with claims they were all part of an ancient priesthood stretching back to the Solomon era priest Melchizedek

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