The Templar Knight


Were the Templars the first bankers in world history?

It’s often claimed that the Knights Templar were the first bankers or financiers so Tony McMahon investigates whether this is actually true

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Cultural destruction by the so-called Islamic State

ISIS destroyed Tikrit the birthplace of Saladin who fought the Knights Templar during the crusades

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Were the medieval Assassins the precursors of ISIS in the 21st century?

Was the medieval cult of the Assassins a precursor to the 21st century terrorists of ISIS or Daesh?

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The Islamic Capitals of al-Andalus: Cordoba – Seville – Granada

Long time followers of this blog might recall my lovely photos of Cordoba when I wrote about the extent of Islamic rule in Europe a thousand years ago. Being half-Portuguese (my mother is from Porto) I’ve always been fascinated by…

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