The Templar Knight


San Gimignano – Templar church or not?

San Gimignano in the Italian region of Tuscany is famous for its medieval skyscrapers. Many of them have toppled to the ground over the years but the remaining towers are truly awesome. The town also boasts a Knight Templar church…

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Crusaders storm the Temple of Artemis at Jerash

The Temple of Artemis at Jerash became a Saracen fortress and was stormed by a crusader army including Knights Templar who hid wealth there

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Omne Datum Optimum – the turning point for the Templars

Omne Datum Optimum (Latin for “Every Perfect Gift”) was a Papal Bull that gave full legitimacy to the Knights Templar? So, why was this pronouncement from the Pope so significant to the knights? Omne Datum Optimum – a big turning…

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