San Gimignano – Templar church or not?

people at piazza del duomo in san gimignano italy

San Gimignano in the Italian region of Tuscany is famous for its medieval skyscrapers. Many of them have toppled to the ground over the years but the remaining towers are truly awesome. The town also boasts a Knight Templar church but … not everybody is convinced the Templars built it.

I have been travelling round Italy and will be sharing some amazing videos and images from that incredible country in the next few posts. To begin with, the video above that I shot shows a church in the medieval town of San Gimignano that claims to have been built by the Knights Templar.

It’s just inside one of the city gates and the tradition has it was built just after the First Crusade. However, it has been dated to a few decades later. A seventeenth century convent grew up alongside it but the main chapel looks medieval. San Gimignano was at its height during the 12th and 13th centuries – the Templar period – so it could very well have been built by the Order.

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There is another Templar connection with San Gimignano and that is Assassins Creed. The medieval skyscrapers are obviously a great backdrop for the action but also scary to climb as we can see below. I strongly advise none of you to try this in real life!

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