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SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Was cannibalism practised during the Crusades?

A special investigation by the Templar Knight blog into medieval allegations that human meat was eaten by soldiers during the Crusades

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Being Jewish in the Middle Ages

It must be said that being Jewish in the medieval period was challenging – to put it mildly. The fortunes of Jews at this time varied dramatically but on the whole, things were not good. From the late Roman period,…

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Why did England expel the Jews in the Middle Ages?

It’s not the most pleasant episode in English medieval history to look back on but it happened during the Templar period and we can’t ignore it.  Fortunately, we have an excellent book by Robert Winder called ‘Bloody Foreigners’ to fall…

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The Templars, the Jews and blood libel

In the late twelfth and thirteenth centuries, a number of children were alleged to have been murdered by the Jewish community in various towns in Europe.  These accusations were certainly false and designed primarily to enable the seizure of the…

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Seventeen Jewish bodies found in medieval well in England

A grim reminder of the pogroms that accompanied the crusades in the 12th and 13th centuries in Europe has been the gruesome discovery in England of seventeen skeletons in a medieval well.  The skeletons, jumbled together, have been subjected to…

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Why did King Philip of France crush the Templars?

Why did King Philip of France suppress the Knights Templar?

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