The Templar Knight


Battle of Hattin – the aftermath of a shocking defeat

The aftermath of the Battle of Hattin was the slaughter of Knights Templar who refused to convert and the killing of Raynald de Chatillon

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Battle of Hattin – disaster for the Knights Templar

The Battle of Hattin was a disaster for the crusaders and the Knights Templar leading to the eventual loss of Jerusalem as Tony McMahon discovers

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Templar massacre at Jacob’s Ford in Syria

Jacob’s Ford was the scene of a huge massacre of the Knights Templar by a furious Saladin humiliated by his earlier defeat at Montgisard

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Richard the Lionheart massacres captives

Richard the Lionheart may have been more of a mass murderer than a crusader hero. After taking Acre he massacred thousands of Muslim captives

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Christian saints based on pagans

Templar expert Tony McMahon looks at how the lives of Christian saints were often based on pagan heroes and deities worshipped for centuries before

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Battle of Montgisard – leper king anniversary

A look back at how the Knights Templar delivered a stunning victory at the battle of Montgisard

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