The Templar Knight


Battle of Hattin – the aftermath of a shocking defeat

The aftermath of the Battle of Hattin was the loss of Jerusalem and a blow to the prestige of the Knights Templar

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Battle of Hattin – a disaster for the Templars leading to the loss of Jerusalem

The Battle of Hattin was a disaster for the Knights Templar and would lead to the loss of Jerusalem

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Templar massacre at Jacob’s Ford in Syria

As the name suggests – Jacob’s Ford was a crossing point in the Holy Land where the river Jordan could be traversed. It was a hundred miles from Jerusalem where the leper king Baldwin IV ruled and felt somewhat emboldened…

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Richard the Lionheart massacres captives

Richard the Lionheart massacred captives during the Crusades

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Martyred saints – and the Templars

The martyred saints that were venerated by the Knights Templar such as Saint Katherine famously strapped to a wheel

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Battle of Montgisard – leper king anniversary

A look back at how the Knights Templar delivered a stunning victory at the battle of Montgisard

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