My photos from inside the tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem!

grayscale photo of crucifix

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre was a place of worship that the Knights Templar venerated. So much so that Templar churches all over Europe were modelled on this circular church. And at its centre, still today, is the alleged tomb of Jesus Christ.

My photos of the tomb!

In 2012, I went inside the tomb on two occasions. It’s contained within an ancient small structure that is like a church within a church. The unstable construction, now supported by girders, is referred to as the Edicule, a word from the Roman era referring to a small shrine.

The limestone slab within on which the body of Christ is purported to have lied has now been dated to at least three hundred years after the death of Jesus. That would place it during the era of the conversion to Christianity of the Roman emperor, Constantine.

That would figure because it was the mother of the emperor Constantine, a woman called Helena, who is supposed to have discovered the burial site of Jesus while on a state visit to Jerusalem.

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Enjoy the photos below!

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  1. These photos are very interesting. For me, the photos evoke a very powerful sense of history, and of the scope of mankind’s history — and it makes me feel very small and humbled. But also eager to learn more.

    – Steve, Assistant at (NYC’s new site for apartments and roommates)

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