Forbidden History with Jamie Theakston – and me!

Season Five of Forbidden History is now broadcasting on Yesterday TV (Sky 155) with presenter Jamie Theakston and I’m in every episode talking about some amazing topics!

FORBIDDEN HISTORY EPISODES – presented by Jamie Theakston

  • The historical Jesus. Who was the man we call Jesus? Can the gospels be taken at face value? Where was Jesus crucified?
  • East German Stasi. How communist East Germany spied on its own population employing informers in every neighbourhood to exert total control.
  • Nazi Art Theft. Why did the Nazis steal so much art? Hitler’s ambition to create a Fuhrer Museum in his Austrian birthplace. The role of the Monuments Men in recovering the art.

Though the East German Stasi are not a subject of his blog – I visited the Stasi prison in Berlin a couple of years ago. If any of you are interested in the history of the communist eastern bloc, then I really recommend you make your way there. It’s a fascinating and grim spectacle. The guides are often former Stasi prisoners who show you the cells where they were imprisoned. I mean, that’s pretty raw!

I’ll also be helping Jamie Theakston to investigate secret societies and the truth behind the Dead Sea Scrolls. I worked with the team previously in season four looking at the secret initiation rites of the Knights Templar and the accusations levelled against them at their trial.

So – tune in to Forbidden History – it’s great fun and if you’re trying to get your family engaged with historical topics, it’s accessible and engaging. Tell me what you think after watching the intrepid Jamie Theakston and his sidekick Tony McMahon!

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