Font disappears from Templar cave!

Templar cave

Caynton Caves in the English county of Shropshire has long been rumoured to be an underground construction by the Knights Templar – though that is hotly disputed of course! But now – in sad news – it seems that a stone font in the cave has been stolen. A horrible act of vandalism!

Theft at Templar cave

A local historian visiting the cave noticed that the font was missing while filming recently. There was evidence that somebody had been clearing up rubbish left behind in the cave. But relief turned to dismay as it became clear that a stone font in a niche at Caynton had gone. Either somebody wants it as an ancient garden ornament or there could be a darker reason.

Recent years have seen the local landowner irritated by Satanic cults using the cave for worship. Sadly the original carvings in Caynton cave now compete for attention with more modern scrawling by Satanists and random youths getting drunk in the darkness.

On one occasion, two self-appointed “warlocks” approached the landowner asking if they could get their robes back! This laughable incident was reported in the Daily Mail newspaper. Local historian Dominic Wass noted in the past that the font had been repeatedly moved around by cult members in whatever rituals they were performing.

Is Caynton a Templar cave?

Caynton Caves are located in the grounds of Caynton Hall, near the medieval town of Beckbury. The area has a long history with Beckbury listed in the Domesday Book compiled by the invading Normans in the 11th century. Caynton Hall was built in the late 18th century and came to be owned by the Legge family in the mid-19th century. Some claim they built the warren of caves as a kind of folly – an amusement for family and visitors.

But others maintain it’s a Templar structure. The entrance looks rather like a badger hole under the stump of a tree. But that belies the space that has been dug out underground. And the strange carvings on the walls. This has convinced conspiracy theorists that the Knights Templar would have hidden in a place like this after being outlawed in the year 1307.

Others say it was created by 17th or 18th century mystics who believed they were channelling the values and ethos of the Knights Templar. While most historians are highly sceptical and see its origins in the 19th century. Though of course the Victorians did like to dabble in the occult and esoteric renditions of history.

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Vandalism at ancient sites

There has been a growing litany of attacks and vandalism by criminals and cultists in recent years. If anything, the problem seems to be getting worse. The 4,000 year old Clava Cairns burial site in Scotland was vandalised in 2017. In a separate incident at the same site, a Belgian tourist later returned a stone taken illegally, claiming it had cursed his family!

One idiot scratched “Ben was here” into a Neolithic tomb in Ireland dating back 5,000 years which in 2021, the authorities announced could not be repaired.

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