My Templar book just out in hardback – in the Czech Republic

Europe’s leading publisher Bertelsmann has just published Quest For The True Cross through its Euromedia imprint in the Czech Republic.  Three hardback copies arrived for me in the post today – very exciting!  Unfortunately, I don’t speak a work of Czech though I can make out what’s going on vaguely.  So – for you Czech speakers, a great Templar day!!

Soumrak templářů

4 Comments on “My Templar book just out in hardback – in the Czech Republic

    • Hi – the publisher did the translation, not me! I think they edited it down a bit, maybe I should release the author’s version at some point. But it looks good. Can you read Czech? I can’t, so a bit in the dark as to how it comes across. But there are reader reviews on the Czech books sites and they look positive.

      • I cannot read Czech, but Google does a fair job; I will copy some of your material, and check it out (if I can get access to some online stuff…Amazon?

        Good luck to you.

        BTW…can we get your work on a Nook or Kindle venue?

  1. Oh, man! Well, I’ll just have to wait until it arrives on American shores. However, if a Spanish-language version comes out in México, I’d make a trip across the border, since I’m relatively close. 🙂

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