Templar crop circle in an English village

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If there’s a subject calculated to boil the blood of a sceptic – it’s that of the suddenly appearing Crop Circle. Now, just imagine that you add to that – the presence of the Knights Templar. Well, your average sceptic is going to have a seizure.

So here goes.

In both 2011 and 2014, the English village of Temple Balsall claimed that a crop circle had appeared. And, as the name of the village clearly indicates, it was once a Knight Templar possession. The 2011 crop circle was intriguingly complex. It involved a sixteen-pointed star and concentric circles. The 2014 crop circle appeared about half a mile away.

There was immediate talk among crop circle enthusiasts about an attempted ‘cover up’ and the police banning visits and internet pages being removed, etc. But this talk of the authorities trying to suppress reporting of the crop circle was dismissed by the police.

Temple Balsall was a donation to the Knights Templar by a Norman noble called Roger de Mowbray. The Templars developed the area into a prosperous medieval manor. There were about twenty farmhands toiling for the knights. Their preceptory building is still standing though embellished over the centuries into a large farmhouse.

When the Knights Templar were suppressed, the rival Knights Hospitaller thought they might have a chance of taking the manor. But, as often happened in England, the descendant of the original aristocratic beneficiary popped up demanding the property back. A certain John Mowbray – descended from Roger – contested the Hospitaller claim. But he eventually lost his case and the Hospitallers took control of Temple Balsall in 1322.

However, the Templar presence was never forgotten. And the crop circle rekindled media interest in the Templar history of Temple Balsall.

Templar crop circle

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