The Templars in America – true or false?

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Could the Knights Templar have fled Europe – the Old World – in the 14th century with all their treasure. Is it possible that they fled to Scotland and from there to the New World – what would one day become the United States.

Did they bury that treasure and was it used centuries later to fund the American Revolution? And did the Founding Fathers acknowledge their deep debt to the Templars by embracing their descendants – the Freemasons?

All of this has been conjectured in the last two hundred or more years. But is any of it true? Is it conceivable that medieval knights boarded ships in northern Scotland and using Viking trade routes make their way to Nova Scotia and maybe further south along the eastern seaboard of the US?

And let’s take this one step further – as others already have done!

Could the Templars or the Founding Fathers centuries later have buried sacred items like the Ark of the Covenant or even the Holy Grail at key locations – for example in Washington DC? Indeed, is that entire city built according to a grid plan that hides Templar and Freemason secrets?

The Templars may have left behind clues that they were once in the New World. Is a strange carving called the Westford Knight or an odd looking building known as the Newport Tower proof of their one time presence?

And what to make of Oak Island – is there treasure buried under the ground there? Millions of Americans think there may be. The History channel has made a multi-season series based on that assumption.

Our starting point must be the decision in October 1307 by the king of France, Philip the Fair, to round up every Knight Templar in his realm and put them on trial for heresy, idolatry, sodomy and corruption.

Philip believed the Templars were astoundingly wealthy and he had big debts to pay. But when his men turned up at the Paris Temple, the order’s heavily fortified HQ, the cupboard was bare. The knights had fled with whatever treasure was behind those immense walls.

At least – we think there might have been huge treasure there!

Templars in America – or not?

So where had they gone?

One popular theory is that they fled to La Rochelle – a port where the order allegedly kept a large fleet. This port is in south west France so the fleet then rounded the French coast past Brittany and on to England. From there, the Templars are said to have hugged the coastline until reaching Scotland.

It is then asserted that they helped Robert the Bruce win his famous victory against the English at Bannockburn after which – some while later – the knights hooked up with Henry Sinclair, the Earl of Orkney.

This would have happened decades after the Templars were disbanded in 1307. The Sinclairs – or St Clairs – already had a Templar connection. In 1128, the second baron of Roslin, Henry St Clair, had met the founder of the Knights Templar, Hugh de Payens, when he visited Scotland to spread the word about the new order. Rosslyn chapel had not been built at this time by the way.

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Is the Mi’kmaq tribe proof of the Templars in America?

So – Henry Sinclair and the Templars embarked at the end of the fourteenth century in a fleet of ships bound for Iceland then past the declining communities in Greenland following old Viking routes. These would eventually lead them to Vinland, the fabled settlement established by the Vikings in the New World – roughly corresponding to Nova Scotia.

It is claimed that the local Mi’kmaq Indians still tell tales of white-skinned people who came from lands over the seas in their folklore. Some of their art incorporates a red cross on a white background, as does their tribal emblem.

The most bizarre claim is that the Mi’kmaq worshipped Sinclair in the form of a god called Glooscap. This has been rubbished by one blogger who has researched the subject and believes that Glooscap was actually a giant in the form of a beaver. That would rather rule out Sinclair!

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Why would the Templars have undertaken such a long and dangerous journey? Because they were running off with the treasure found under the Temple of Solomon and/or a bunch of precious relics plus alchemical secrets etc.

This Templar knowledge was so powerful that it laid the basis for American power today – so the theory concludes. I leave you to judge.

14 thoughts on “The Templars in America – true or false?

  1. I’ve heard this claim before and believe it’s highly probable. We often underestimate our ancestors’ fortitude and intellectual capacity. We now know for certain Norse Viking made it to North America around 1000 C.E., and it’s equally likely some Native Americans ventured to Europe even before then. There’s also evidence Viking explorers made it as far south as present-day Florida and even ventured further inland. While the Vikings built L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, Sinclair apparently traveled to Rhode Island where he’s rumored to have established his Templar colony.

    These stories are worth investigating because they reveal as much about ourselves as they do our predecessors.

  2. I had not heard of the Mi’kmaq before and their emblem as shown is a real giveaway to me that the Templars were influenced by Islam and worshipped the goat-headed Baphomet whose similarity with Maphomet as Mohammed was called is striking! Just to say also that Tony’s site The Black Knight is new to me and I am now a keen follower which I would recommend to anyone interested in the Templars as in truth it is the history of all mankind.

  3. I would like to add to this that the Templars who are believed to have taken the treasure to Nova Scotia, including the Arc of the Covenant, were known there as Arcadians and later some went south to French speaking Louisiana where they are still known by the same name and also as Creoles best known today for their Creole style cooking. The new novel The Royal Secret at tells of this and of the life story of the Tudor genius Francis Bacon who revived Egyptian Masonry from whose original Hermetic beliefs the Templars sprang via Mary Magdalene and the Cathars into the secret high level Freemasonry of today and its practice of old Templar rites.

  4. Thank u so much for sharing all these articles ! I luv them as i am a — direct descendant of the Knights Templars thru the O Cearbhaill -later anglizied as O Carroll Family from Scotland & Ireland who are decscendants of Brian Boru & Royal Crown Blood who fought at that famous battlle of Boyne & Connacht ! I also have 4 children born from The Boyd Clan ! My grandfather O’ Carroll spoke to me of the Vikings & the Treasures that were in the trunks or chests !

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