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the rosslyn chapel in scotland

One wintry evening, I found myself on my own in Rosslyn chapel after the visitors had left. So – the Templar Knight blog to to investigate the secrets of this fascinating medieval place of worship. And of course – the venue for the thrilling climax of The Da Vinci Code.

In January 2019, I filmed in Rosslyn chapel for America Unearthed – a historical investigative series on Discovery’s Travel channel presented by Scott Wolter. After the production crew had packed up for the evening, I decided to roam around Rosslyn with my iPhone and film an exclusive Templar Knight guided tour just for you.

Now the tourist authorities at Rosslyn get a slew of Templar and Freemason related questions. The guide I met claimed to be perplexed and rolled her eyes a bit but I suspect they love it. Good for business apart from anything else! And I can’t help noticing that on the official Rosslyn website, there are downloadable PDFs on the Knights Templar, the Temple of Solomon and the Freemasons.

Why buck the trend eh?

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Now that America Unearthed is broadcasting in the United States, I’m happy to share this video with you. Excuse the grainy quality but the light was not on my side. Nevertheless, for those of you eager to investigate the links between the Knights Templar and Rosslyn, I hope this will give you some insights. Feel free to ask me more questions.

6 thoughts on “Rosslyn – Templar Knight blog exclusive look

    1. Hi Sheila – I was away in August and been travelling a lot since and didn’t see your comment. Huge thanks for watching America Unearthed and hope you enjoyed Rosslyn! All the best, Tony

      1. Thank you, Tony. Totally understand about the travel. (Me too.)
        We are headed to Ireland mid December again. Going to Newgrange for winter solstice sunrise. ❤️🦋🌀🍀🤗

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